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Color as It is Tomonao Hara Quartet

UNAHQ 1018 "Color As It Is" Tomonao Hara Quartet
Color as It is
Tomonao Hara Quartet



Info for Color as It is

Tomonao Hara is a jazz trumpeter whose heartfelt warm tones and energetic performances are highly acclaimed. This time, he will bring his own quartet that has released „Color As It Is“.

Tomonao Hara Quartet:
Tomonao Hara, trumpet
Takuma Asada, guitar
Hiroshi Ikejiri, bass
Dennis Frehse, drums

Recorded September 16-18, 2014 at Studio 1 at Onkio Haus, Tokyo

1 Dark Dance 07:51
2 Ley Line0 8:45
3 Lost Hearts of Lost Children 05:22
4 Gauge 06:02
5 Color As It is 11:31
6 Family Man 05:08
7 Let’s Gomi Jam 05:46
8 Sign 10:25
9 Wait, with Hope 04:40
10 Lightly 07:23


Color as It is
Tomonao Hara Quartet



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