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UNAMAS JAZZ label launches

Since the start of live spot UNAMAS in 2004, it has offered exciting performances by veterans and young artists. Jazz is the music of interplay with an encounter as precious as once for all. Many performances are too precious to let fading in the evening. That is the whole reason why we start UNAMAS JAZZ label that conveys the excitement of performances. UNAMAS JAZZ is the name that cares the sound. We encourage those who already came to our spot and also who are interested to get a copy of the precious performance archives.

Unamas Jazz All Lineup HIGHRESAUDIO

Dimensions Yuki Arimasa UNAHQ 1018 "Color As It Is" Tomonao Hara Quartet The Days of Wine and RosesMakoto Nakamura trio live at UNAMAS Yusuke Musumiya 5 Hi Res LIVE GOGO DAIRIKI BIRTHDAY LIVE KENTO YOKOTA3 Live at 26th Feb.2014 Koki Matsui4 Live at UNAMAS Afterglow "RE-MIX as Silky Touch by Ribbon Mic" afterglow/Eriko Shimizu & strings4 Vol. One Yuki Arimasa & Tomonao Hara Ayuko Kihara Seasons 96kHz/24bit EVRYTHING for DRUMS FLAC 192kHz/24bit surround Yuki Arimasa Forest 192kHz/24bit/surround DUET Yuki Arimasa Hisatsugu Suzuki 96kHz/24bit Hiroshi Fukamizu 96kHz/24bit Dairiki Hara 96kHz/24bit UNAMAS-J-VOL01.jpg