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The Concept of Surround Scape

Surround sound has been widely employed in music productions, particularly for classical music, as well as movies without saying. I have been investigating the possible formulas in which“ one plus one makes three or greater”, looked into collages of music and other sound components in general, and arrived at a solution with specific impact in music interacting with sound in the nature. The environmental sound and that in the nature are the subject various artists have challenged using stereophonic or dummy-head recordings, but I can sense the infinite power when I capture the dimensional perspective of such sound with surround recording, and above all it sounds absolutely comfortable.It is genuinely the power of the land and the sky themselves. If this power interacts with music instruments and voices in the domain of surround sound expression, it will create a sphere to appreciate the rhythm from the nature in place of the rhythm of human. And furthermore when the breath of land resonates with ours, one will open up the immense spirit of calmness, waking and love.“ Surround Scape” is the new genre that is devised to transmit the above concept, and several concerts have been organized to date at Instituto Italiano di Cultura and other premises. It is now offered to you through Kripton HQMS in 96kHz 24-bit surround format. I hope you enjoy itas a new form of PC-audio entertainment.

April 2011 Mick Sawaguchi

President Sawaguchi Ongaku Kobo TOKYO Japan UNAMS-HUG label

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