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World’s first 192kHz/24bit/Surround Jazz Album “FOREST” Arimasa Yuki

Arimasa Yuki
UNAHQ-1004( UNAMAS Jazz )



High-Resolution &  Stereo/Surround

FLAC 96kHz/24bit
FLAC 192kHz/24bit
FLAC 96kHz/24bit surround
FLAC 192kHz/24bit surround


Song Title :

[1] Forest
[2] In the Mist of Spring
[3] Liberty Changes
[4] Spaces
[5] Sutra
[6] Two Autums
[7] Winter Waltz
[8] So I love you – Carroll Coates

Artist :

Arimasa Yuki  (piano)


Yuki Arimasa
Born in 1961 in Tokyo. Started piano lessons at the age of 3, and was inspired by Oscar Peterson at 12 to
proceed studying jazz personally. Upon graduation from Tamagawa University (majoring English
literature) in 1983, he entered Berklee College of Music to study piano and composition. Winner of
Hank Jones Award and Duke Ellington Composer Award while in College. Graduated in 1986 and
remained in the college as assistant professor for 8 years. Returned to Japan in 1996 and led the
production of “The Bitter Life of Scarecrow” as Leader of the album. Established Jazz Solfege class in
Senzoku Gakuen College in 2000 to contribute in educating young artists. Currently runs his own trio
and also presents compositions and arrangements to number of projects. The performance at Unamas
covers not only his piano trio but also solo and duet pianos. This is the rst album of his piano in solo that
consists mainly of his original works.

APF CO-100K+BRAUNER from "FOREST" Arimasa Yuki

“FOREST” ArimasaYuki Special Booklet-Eng


Arimasa Yuki
UNAHQ-1004( UNAMAS Jazz )



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    Cats on the Fence
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