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ViVa The Four SeasonsUNAMAS Strings Sextet

ViVa The Four SeasonsUNAMAS Strings Sextet

UNAHQ 2015 Album INFO
30-06-2019 UNAMAS Label

UNAMAS Label Seven years from 2013’s “Four Seasons” which achieved the annual album chart bestseller at JAPANand abroad as the first classic section to be commemorated.
In the intro of each movement representing the four seasons beatuful nature sound .
featured Shiori Takeda in Vn solo, the aesthetics of UNAMAS Strings Sextet play and the culmination of technology of the recording built up by Ohga Hall recording. Latest work “ViVa The Four Seasons”

M-01 RV 269. [SPRING] 11’28”
Allegro. Largo. Allegro
M-02 Concerto No.2 in g minor. RV 315. [SUMMER] 11’07”
Allegro non molto – Allegro. Adagio Presto Adagio. Presto
M-03 Concerto No.3 in F Major.RV 293. [AUTUMN] 12’11”
Allegro. Adagio molto. Allegro
M-04 Concerto No.4 in f minor. RV 297. [WINTER] 09’53”
Allegro non molto. Largo. Allegro

UNAMAS Strings Sextet
Vn Solo Shiori Takeda
Vn1 Jun Tajiri
Vn2 Fuuko Nakamura
Va Atsuko Aoki
Vc Makito Nishiya
Cb Ippei Kitamura

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ViVa The Four SeasonsUNAMAS Strings Sextet


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